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An Online Collection of usefull calculators and Charts

This tree called "The Tree of Conversion" is a small burned out tree located on the southern tip of the wisdombay. This tree is belived to be blessed by the goddess of 'Minerva' - the goddess of wisdom and the arts - and is belived to possess the power to convert anything into any other form. The people exploring this knowledge land called wisdombay stumbled upon this tree on 8:25 PM 27-Aug-2006 and is trying to study more about it's abilities. Each power that they discover will be added in this page for the fellow netizens to benefit from.

The Tree of Conversion Powers discovered from the 'Tree of Conversion' so far.

Some Coversion scripts and Charts

6. A List of Top Level Domain Names.

Posted on WisdomBay @ 8:52 PM 25-10-2006 | Post by Pramod S Nair

5. A Hexadecimal to RGB Convertor.

Posted on WisdomBay @ 6:56 PM 24-10-2006 | Post by Pramod S Nair

4. An RGB to Hexadecimal Convertor.

Posted on WisdomBay @ 7:52 PM 26-09-2006 | Post by Pramod S Nair

3. The 216 Browser Safe Color Palette List, along with their Hexcode.

Posted on WisdomBay @ 6:55 PM 26-09-2006 | Post by Pramod S Nair

2. A File Download Speed Calculator (supports multiple types of networks).

Posted on WisdomBay @ 6:20 PM 25-09-2006 | Post by Pramod S Nair

1. An Online Number Base System Calculator.

Posted on WisdomBay @ 11:03 PM 8-24-2006 | Post by Pramod S Nair