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3. A bookmarklet for adding Google's page Translation feature to your browser

Posted on WisdomBay @ 11:19 PM 2/10/2006 | Post by Pramod S Nair

This Bookmarklet can really help you if you are a researcher or something. It adds the power of Google's Translation right to your webbrowser. I made some changes to a piece of code found on the net to build this. You may need this nifty feature if you visit many foreign web pages.;-)

As the bookmarklet ran in to trouble when i added a menu for selecting the translation schema, i had to remove that. So now you will have to enter a number between 0-17 to do the translation. Use the below given table to get the correct number for the translation schema of your choice.

English to German - 0 English to Spanish - 1 English to French - 2
English to Italian -3 English to Portuguese - 4 English to Japanese - 5
English to Korean - 6 English to Chinese (Simplified) - 7 German to English - 8
German to French - 9 Spanish to English - 10 French to English - 11
French to German - 12 Italian to English - 13 Portuguese to English - 14
Japanese to English - 15 Korean to English - 16 Chinese (Simplified) to English - 17

How to Install :
1. Copy the code given above to clipboard.
2. Add a new entry to your Favorites menu.
3. Take the property of the newly added Bookmark by right clicking on it from Favorites menu and paste the copied code in to the URL textbox in the resultant property box.
4. Press Ok. (If an warning message is shown regarding Javascript Protocol, continue with the Yes button)
5. Now while looking at a webpage that you want to convert to another language, simply click on this bookmarklet.