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22. A bookmarklet that zaps all the images found on the current webpage.

Posted on WisdomBay @ 12:31 AM 2/24/2006 | Post by Pramod S Nair

This bookmarklet removes all the images found in the current webpage. Can be useful if you want to zap all those annoying pictures found on a webpage :-)

How to Install :
1. Copy the code given above to clipboard.
2. Add a new entry to your Favorites menu.
3. Take the property of the newly added Bookmark by right clicking on it from Favorites menu and paste the copied code in to the URL textbox in the resultant property box.
4. Press Ok. (If an warning message is shown regarding Javascript Protocol, continue with the Yes button)
5. Now if you need to zap all the images on a webpage, then use this bookmarklet.