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This page hosts some quality, Informational articles submited with WisdomBay. if you have some original quality IT related articles with you and want us to publish that here, then please mail us with the article.

Master Javascript by Typing Part 1

Part 1 of A series by Pramod S Nair for Wisdombay (originally published in www.spidercreationsindia.com)

The Basics This section will give information on how to incorporate JavaScript into HTML pages. The Software You Need All you’ll need is a text editor (Notepad will do fine) and a browser ... READ

Posted by Pramod S Nair.

Thirty Keyboard shortcuts to move more quickly in Microsoft Internet Explorer

This Small article acts as a compilation of some Keyboard Tips that I came across while using Internet Explorer... READ

Posted by Jishar Ibrahim .

Is cmd.exe and command.com the same ? Part I

The first issue of a close look at cmd.exe

Basically when we glance at the black screen thrown at us by Windows boxes when command.com or cmd.exe is executed, they look the same. But cmd.exe which is the command prompt in Windows 2000/XP/NT is far superior in performance and the power that it packs than command.com ... READ

Posted by Pramod S Nair .