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Is cmd.exe and command.com the same ? Part I

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Article by: Pramod S Nair written for www.wisdombay.com

F5 Key

F5 Let's the user to loop through a history of commands which were executed in a command session. Any one of the previously executed commands can be accessed by repeatedly pressing F5 key.

F7 Key

This key presents the user with a menu like popup (Fig 6) from which all the last executed commands can be accessed. User's can navigate from one command to other in this popup using Arrow keys.

Fig 6

The numbers given on the left hand side of each command represents the position of the command in the command history buffer. This number can be utilized for direct access to the command for which the number stands.

F9 Key

This functional key gives the user direct access to the command items stored at the command history of a command prompt. In Fig 6 command number 20 stands for 'echo Hello World From Wisdom Bay'. Now if you want to get that command back on the command prompt all you have to do is press F9 (a popup will be shown as in Fig 7), input 20 and press enter.
Fig 7

This will result in the prompting of the 'echo Hello World From Wisdom Bay' as the current command at the command window.

This concludes the first part of my article on 'cmd.exe'. Will be back next time with more demystifying thoughts on this topic.